Please sign our Letter of Support!

On September 17th, The 1532 Harrison Development Project will be presented before the Planning Commission for approval.  The more community support the Planning Commission hears, the better the chances of the 1532 Harrison Project's approval!


Dear Mr. Sucre and Planning Commissioners,  

I am writing ton support the 1532 Harrison project as it has been presented and to say we are happy with the design and the added neighbors it will bring. 

During the process, we have found the team at Build Inc to be very straight forward in their presentations, responsive to our questions and inclusive in their outreach.  This process started with their initial concepts and has evolved, in part, because of input from ourselves and the community.  I understand they have involved the nightclub owners specifically the Eagle and we are glad to see the design evolve with everyone’s input, especially the corner commercial space with high ceilings. 

Specifically, we like the standard of design and construction proposed.  We feel it will set a high bar for future projects which will only improve our changing neighborhood.

I ardently support the project for many reasons and here are a few for your consideration:

  • This project being proposed fits with the neighborhood as we see it evolving.  It is a real compliment to the mixed-use, diverse character of Western Soma.
  • It will be a welcome new addition replacing a current surface parking lot.  The design of three buildings with green pathways between is definitely preferred over a single massive building.  We like the idea that light and air will pass through and not just around the proposed building.
  • It can’t be overstated that San Francisco and this neighborhood desperately needs housing.  It makes sense to but it here with the natural access to the Market street corridor, Bart and bike lanes.  The 16% Below Market Rate housing component will add to the diversity we moved here to enjoy.

Thank you for including our support in your considerations and anticipate your agreement that this is going to be a positive addition to our neighborhood. 


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