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1532 Harrison


The Project


Local developer, Build Inc., is proposing to build a 136-unit mixed-use, rental apartment building in the diverse Western SOMA neighborhood, on a site currently used as a surface parking lot.  With its weathering steel facade and lushly landscaped garden laneways, the project would complement a neighborhood of healthy contrast and diversity, ranging from leather bars, to active light-industry, whole-sale grocery, and a wide variety of restaurants. 

Designed in tandem with Macy Architecture and BAR Architects, the project consists of three 7-story buildings joined by one level of below-grade parking.  The three buildings would be separated by two 25-foot wide laneway gardens, sitting above an underground garage, which would include 85 parking spaces.  Additionally, the garage would contain 137 bicycle parking spaces within a dedicated, interior bicycle storage and maintenance area.  A 1,600-SF retail space, ideally a cafe, is planned for the corner of 12th Street and Harrison Street, across from the historic Eagle Tavern.    


Building & Ceiling Heights

1532 Harrison provides a generous 16’2” tall ground floor retail space and lobby fronting on Harrison and 12th Streets and a bonus floor of residential units fronting a beautiful garden laneway.  It fully conforms to the 65‐X height and bulk district. In fact, through smart design we’ve been able to increase density without increasing the building height— a design feature that yields 15 garden laneway units, which in turn increases the project’s overall Below Market Rate Units (16% on‐site) from 19 to 22.


All street‐facing units in the project have stoop entries, raised 5’ above street level.  Lowering the garden laneways by 5’ allows for all the first floor units to front on the project’s open space.

Garden laneways

Current view looking south-east onto property

After view rendering (Image Courtesy of Bionic)

Above: Current view looking east onto property

Below: After view rendering (Image Courtesy of Bionic)

The Plaza

Recognizing the Western SOMA Task Force and Eastern Neighborhoods Citizen Advisory Committee have identified 12th Street as a “priority greening opportunity”, we are collaborating with local non-profit, Build Public, as well as our neighbors at the Eagle and the Planning Department’s Pavement to Parks Program, to transform a 13,500-SF portion of 12th Street near Harrison Street into a new, permanent public plaza and green space, to be called Eagle Plaza. 

The conceptual vision of the plaza is a public gathering space for the neighborhood, a green respite from the city, a place to host special community events and a way to commemorate the unique LGBTQ history of the surrounding Folsom Gulch area.  Initial concept drawings, based on feedback from community members and representatives from Supervisor Kim’s office and the Planning Department, envision the Plaza becoming a social space focused on active play, social engagement and serving as an “urban sanctuary”.  The design is intended to be flexible enough to accommodate community events on evenings and weekends, while also serving as a quiet respite from traffic and urban life during the week.  To learn more and get involved, please contact Jared at Build Public.

Eagle Plaza Website

West soma

Western SOMA is a microcosm of the experiences, places and people that make San Francisco and extraordinary city.  It is home to one of the most diverse mix of uses and building types you can find in any neighborhood in the City today. 

We embrace, and seek to build upon, the strengths of West SOMA’s eclectic urban fabric.  Our design deploys place-making in honor of West SOMA’s LGBTQ culture and its post-World War II industrial working class roots.

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Community Workshops

Our community workshops are designed to be interactive.  We are happy to meet with smaller groups of neighbors or interested parties for one-on-one meetings – just contact Katie, Build Inc’s Development Manager, to set up an appointment.


Timeline of Events


1)  July 8, 2014 - 1532 Harrison Community Mtg #1 (Joint meeting with Eagle Plaza presentation)

2)  Aug 23, 2014 - Eagle Plaza Community Mtg #1 Design Charrette

3)  Sept 15, 2014 - Website Launch

4)  Sept 24, 2014 - Eagle Plaza Community Mtg #2 Design Charette

5)  Oct 9, 2014 - Norfolk St. Neighbors Meeting

6)  Oct 11, 2014 - Postcard “Opt In” Mailing

7)  Dec 10, 2014 - 1532 Harrison Community Mtg #2

8)  Feb 15, 2015 - Build Inc. Sponsors Beer Bust at the Eagle with proceeds going to the Friends of Eagle Plaza

9)  Feb 17, 2015 - Eagle Plaza Community Mtg #3

10)  Apr 20, 2015 - Eagle Plaza Conceptual Design Review by Eastern Neighborhoods Community Advisory Committee (ENCAC) 

11)  Apr 20, 2015 - Eagle Plaza Conceptual Design Review by Arts Commission Civic Design Review Committee (CDRC)

12)  Apr 23, 2015 - Eagle Plaza Special Presentation to Western SoMa Neighborhood Coalition

13)  Jun 9, 2015 - Eagle Plaza Special Presentation to SoMa Bend Neighborhood Association

14)  July 8, 2015 - 1532 Harrison Community Mtg #3

15)  July 15, 2015 - 1532 Harrison Special Presentation to SFHAC Endorsement Committee Presentation

16)  Aug 26, 2015 - Eagle Plaza Community Mtg #4

17)  Aug 27, 2015 - 1532 Harrison Community Mtg #4 Final Design Presentation

18) Oct 8, 2015 - 1532 Harrison unanimously approved at San Francisco Planning Commission


Build Inc. submitted our Preliminary Project Assessment (PPA) application with the San Francisco Planning Department in December 2013 and was assigned an environmental (CEQA) planner in June 2014.

1532 Harrison was approved at the San Francisco Planning Commission on October 8, 2015.  The Commissioners voted unanimously to certify the project's Community Plan Exemption, finalizing the CEQA review process.   The Conditional Use (CU) permit was also approved on that date, allowing for the project to move forward as currently designed.

Construction of the building is estimated to take approximately 18-20 months from the start of construction, which would at the earliest, commence in 2nd Quarter 2016.

Please participate!  Please sign up to stay updated.  We want this to be a collaborative process and we need neighborhood input and support. 




Project Location

1532 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94103